The Good Life

Who does not want to live the good life? Even if we cannot define happiness in very exact terms, and people may think differently about it, we all have great expectations from our years to come. In our list of things that we long for, money generally takes the topmost place. Of course, we need money to own a house, buy a car, and to get the many other things that help us to live comfortably. In addition, most young people wish to invest some money so that the returns would sustain them in their old age.

Our happiness list would most certainly include many other items which money cannot possibly buy: an affectionate family, a loving and supportive spouse, good friends, a strong body, a healthy mind, an active intellect, and finally peace and satisfaction. These things are priceless and cannot be quantified. The list of things that money cannot buy grows longer, the more we think about them. So how do we get them?

Two millennia ago, Lord Jesus had prescribed a formula which could take us towards the good life that we wish to live, and it has not become obsolete until today. “Do unto others what you want them to do for you!”, Jesus had said. (Matthew 7:1-12)

It implies that whatever we expect to happen in our life, we first make it happen in the life of other people. What all we crave for ourselves, we must first give it to others. If we wish to have a loving family around us, we should love our family with all our heart. If we need an understanding spouse, then we ourselves must be understanding, forgiving and helpful. If we want good friends, we should cultivate unselfish relationships with people. If we want to have peace of mind, we must make sure never to hurt other people.

In essence, whatever we like, whatever we desire to have, whatever makes us happy, we should try our best to see that other people have it first. And God will ensure that it will all eventually come back to us in abundant measure. Seems impractical in today’s world? Maybe. But God’s ways are different from worldly ways!


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