Still Life

In many homes, there is no peace. People are constantly in some kind of hurry. The family has no time to sit together for a meal. Family prayers are a rarity. Each room has a tv screen so every one can watch their own favourite shows individually. People enter their homes talking on their mobiles, and leave the same way. There is little time for a greeting.

At the workplace, things are not much different. Most jobs demand people to remain glued to their laptop, computer screen or cellphone. They feel guilty if they have not responded to an email as soon as it was received. They are afraid of losing their job any time. Employees of many global firms in India remain awake at night in order to be in contact with countries where there is daytime.

Holidays are no different either. First there is the stress of planning a holiday. If there is no wi-fi on arrival, problems begin right away. Even during the holiday, there is no peace. One feels like checking out constantly on what is happening in the office. Maybe the company has been acquired by someone overnight. Maybe somebody has been promoted or transferred.

But has anybody ever told us to worry constantly? Has anybody put us in charge of running this world? No, God says simply, “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10) God is capable of taking care of the whole world including ourselves.

Why should we always be so restless? Why do we have to be in a hurry all the time? In the Bible (Psalm 23), God is likened to a shepherd. He leads me to green pastures and still waters. He refreshes my soul. With him around, I lack nothing.

Still life is an art form in which the subject matter is inanimate. Great artists use ordinary things, but arrange them and paint them in such a manner that they spring to life. Being still can be beautiful and it can take us nearer to God.



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