The Night Watch

I remember some of my childhood nights when I used to be unwell. My mother would take my head into her lap, stroke it gently, sing softly, and put me to sleep. But after that she would not sleep herself. She would remain awake just watching over me.

Now in my old age, God does that for me. I lie down and sleep, because God sustains me. (Psalm 3:5) He alone makes me dwell in safety. (Psalm 4:8) I know that as I sleep, God is awake and ever watchful. He does not sleep, he does not slumber even for a moment. (Psalm 121:4) It is like having a CCTV camera in heaven that monitors my movements 24×7. I can sleep peacefully putting away all my problems, worries and fears, and get up in the morning, refreshed and rebooted like my computer.

My favourite Jim Reeves song says it all:

Bright stars are watching the world as it sleeps
Shepherds watch over the little white sheep
The lighthouse is shining for ships far at sea
As God keeps the night watch for you and for me…

So sleep, sleep in peace and rest
Don’t be afraid of the darkness
All’s well for over the land and the sea
God’s keeping the night watch for you and for me…


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