When we buy a new computer or smartphone, we handle it with great care. As time goes by, and we get familiar with it, we start taking liberties with it. We may give wrong or confusing commands, to which the computer cannot respond and it just hangs. Viruses may enter the system through sites visited by us or corrupted files that we copied, and affect its performance. After a period of time, the computer can no longer work at its peak capability. For such situations, computers have a facility called system restore.

Initiating system restore takes the system back in time. It cleans up logs, deletes files, and reverses actions. It removes the traces of our wrong actions and begins to work again using the core content that is still intact. Phones too have a button that can restore factory settings. It is rarely used, but if it is pressed our phone will look like what it was when we had bought it! It would have no apps, no pictures, no music, and no contacts!

Many things in this world need restoration. Great works of art lose their lustre over time and there are experts who can restore it skilfully. Great monuments and buildings which have been exposed to the forces of nature for hundreds or thousands of years, need to be worked upon periodically. Archaeologists do meticulous repairs, strengthen the structures, remove the deposits of dust and pollution and bring their hidden glory to life.

Likewise, the human soul needs to be restored, and only God can do it. (Psalm 23:3) He can cleanse the stains of our wrongdoings. He can mend our brokenness. He can strengthen us and make us capable of working at peak power. He can peel off the layers of pollution and corruption and reveal the inner glory. God can restore the soul and make it look like new.


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