In Remembrance

“How will you continue to live after you are gone?” can be a tough question to deal with. “Through my eyes”, a contestant had replied at the Miss World Contest of 1994, winning the title and making a case for eye donation at the same time.

Everyone desires to do something great during their lifetime for which they would be remembered after they are gone. However, the harsh reality is that most lives on earth are so insignificant that they are forgotten very soon after they have ended. Human life is so transitory and human memory is so short.

History records the names of great kings and queens for their reigns, or generals for their victories in war. Some people are remembered for their writings or for the words they spoke, or their music, works of art, discoveries or inventions. There are only a few people whose names are permanently associated with things of importance, like Newton’s laws of gravitation or Einstein’s theory of relativity. Some people are remembered through statues and memorials that show the power and authority they once had. Photographs, paintings or wax models have men and women captured in their best moments.

However, there has been one exceptional person in history, who wanted to be remembered not for his life but for his death, and that was Jesus Christ. When he was bidding a final goodbye to his disciples, and was having his last supper with them, he told them to always remember his death! He was offering his body and blood as the ultimate sacrifice for bringing salvation to all humanity. (Luke 22:19-20)

That is the reason why the cross is so central to Christianity. Jesus’ life by itself has an incomplete meaning unless it is considered together with his death followed by his resurrection. The Gospel is not just about Christ, but particularly about the crucified Christ. (1 Cor 1:23)



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