God Does Not Change

It is often said that change is the only constant factor in human life. As time passes, most things in this world lose their importance, become useless or serve no purpose. Things, people and events are fast forgotten. Life’s values change, lifestyle changes, our way of thinking changes all the time.

In my own life of 73 years I have seen so much change. I was born under British rule. When I was four years old, India got independence and became a democracy. Earlier we had rupees, annas and pies as currency, then came the decimal rupee-paise system. When I was small, a 1-rupee note in my pocket made me feel rich. Today, I have 2000-rupee notes in my wallet! Earlier we would measure cloth in yards, weigh in pounds or seers, buy petrol in gallons. Then came the metre, kilometre, litre and kilogram.

I remember travelling in trams and victorias in Bombay and tongas in Poona a few decades ago. Nowadays many Indian cities have metros running. When I was small, we used coal for cooking, now there is LPG. We studied in the dim light of lanterns, now there are LED lamps. Bullock carts have been replaced by tractors in the villages and bicycles by motorbikes in cities. Postcards and telegrams have made way to sms and emails. The earth was then cool, now it is warm!

In this ever-changing world, however, God remains unchanged. Thousands of years ago he had made a covenant with his chosen people, which is now known as the Old Testament. Because two thousand years ago he sent his own son to earth and a New Testament came into being between God and man. But in all this, God remained what he was. “I the Lord do not change” is what he has affirmed about himself. (Malachi 3:6) And his son “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

Whatever may happen to this world, God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are going to be there with us in any situation. They will protect us and solidly support us. The promises of the Bible will be fulfilled. What a reassurance we have as we step into the future and begin another new year!


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