The Fall of Man

Human beings keep falling all the time. They fall in love, they fall into temptation, they fall from grace. Not only individuals, but huge armies fall in battle, nations and empires rise and fall. Angels fall from heaven. Even Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and Jack and Jill went up the hill only to fall down.

But the greatest ever fall has been what Christianity describes as the Fall of Man. It is the lapse of humanity into a state of sin, resulting from the disobedience of Adam and Eve to the commandments of their creator God. The story of the Fall of Man is very simple and tells how easy it is to fall. Just a bite of a fruit was enough to plunge the entire human race from paradise into disaster. And it could be saved only by God sending his son to earth to die.

Why am I talking about the Fall? Because very recently I had a fall. On a road on which I live. I was crossing it as usual in a careful, watchful, safe, slow manner. There was hardly any traffic and I was just a few steps from the other side of the road, when a motorbiker decided to step up speed and come menacingly towards me straight on. There was little I could do. He braked and stopped short of running over me. But I fell on the road. I was bruised and fractured my thigh bone. I landed in a hospital and had to undergo surgery from which I am still recovering.

My little fall left me thinking of the great Fall of Man. How easy it is to fall, but how difficult to get up! You need help. Before my fall, my life was smooth. I had control over it. Now I have to depend on others for every action of mine. But one thing I discovered anew was that whatever happens to me, God is always with me. My Saviour not only saves my soul from destruction but he is there to lift my body and spirit from any depth they may fall to. Just like he had said to the lame man who had been lying by the poolside for 38 years: “Stand up, take up your mat and walk!” (John 5:8) Those words of Jesus are not just a part of an old story. They are eternal, they apply to all, and they resound in my ears today.

Before my surgery Jesus had told me that he would lend a helping hand to lift me up, and make me walk again. He did what he said.







6 thoughts on “The Fall of Man

  1. Sharing your personal experience bring your words of Faith alive. If you can make it through we think – with God’s help I too can make it through this bleak time. Thank you for today’s meditation.


  2. Dear Prof. Kelkar,
    As emphasized by you absolute faith and trust will never let you down as God is by your


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