Made Whole

A whole number or integer has a special significance in mathematics. It is a number that is complete in itself and has no fraction. Integrity, a word derived from integer, is a characteristic of a person who is whole or undivided within himself. A person of integrity has extremely high ethical or moral standards and he does not have to battle in his mind with opposing forces.

The word whole is used in the Bible very often. It is associated with many different things and its meaning is very inclusive. For example, “the whole earth will be filled with God’s glory” (Psalm 72:19), which implies literally the whole earth with no part of it left out. “O Lord, I will praise you with my whole heart” (Psalm 9:1) means praising him with my total concentration, not allowing anything to distract me.

King Solomon, famous for his wisdom and riches, ended his book Ecclesiastes which is included in the Bible, as follows: “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.” (Ecclesiastes 12:13)

In modern legal parlance, the term “make whole” is used as a clause in documents like a bond. It enables the debtor to clear his debt in advance of the stipulated date, like by paying several of his EMIs in one go.

But Jesus used the term “made whole” in quite a different manner. Jesus while preaching the kingdom of God, often encountered people who were in deep trouble, and he would “make them whole”. Many people came to him pinning all hope on him, expecting an instant relief from their suffering just by his healing touch. To them he would say, “Your faith has made you whole.” (Matthew 9:22)

Being made whole by Jesus is much more than getting cured from a disease, like what present day doctors can do so well. Jesus heals not only your body, but comforts your troubled mind, mends your broken heart, restores your soul, energises your spirit. He adds what is missing in your life and reshapes your life into what it should really be.


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