Difficult Questions About My Simple Answers

In the past one week, I wrote a series of posts on this blog about an accident that I had met with recently, and the subsequent situation that I had found myself in. These posts were not intended to describe my aches and pains, but to give expression to some of my deepest feelings. During the time of my recovery I had the opportunity to re-examine my relationship with God and I had the clarity of thought to re-state it before my readers, especially some of them who may be in circumstances similar to mine.

My posts were well-received. They got many likes. My blog enlisted many new followers. And some people not just read my posts, but they asked me questions. One such person was Akshay Deoras, a budding meteorologist who works independently in India. Very different from a retired meteorologist like me. He lives in Nagpur and I am in Pune. But we are friends on the social media and in the real world. We like to share our different perspectives on life in general and meteorology in particular. Akshay said that my posts were informative, but he had some basic questions for me.

“Why did God allow you to fall if he now wants you to get up?” Akshay asked, “Any explanation in the Bible on this?”. “Is it to teach any lesson or make us aware of his presence?” he continued, “We see such things around us like accidents, financial losses, tragedies, etc. but then that person comes out of the pain and resumes a normal life. Why so?”

In my next couple of posts I intend to address to the best of my understanding the “Why So?” question. This question is not new. It has been posed time and again, and gets revived in one form or another like “Why do bad things happen to good people?” or “What was God doing when the tsunami struck?” or “Where was God when I cried out to him?” or just “Why me?” The questions relate to two different types of situations, one in which only individuals are involved, and the other which may be termed as calamities or natural disasters which affect many people.

I plan to answer, or attempt to answer, in my own way, such difficult questions in my subsequent posts. Watch this space!



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